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 To Our Kingdom Knights:
sports nutrition is an important part of fighting. The wrong breakfast can make you sluggish, distracted or digest too soon, leaving you hungry and irritable. The Cook's Collegium FundRaiser Pancake Breakfast has the answers.
Pancakes can provide the long lasting carbohydrates that you need to keep you dancing around your oatmeal eating opponent.
The protein and fat in our sausages will keep you swinging wraps as long as you need to.
Take advantage of the antioxidant powers of real fruit by adding blueberries to your pancakes.
Stay hydrated through the day by starting off with a cup of our potassium rich orange juice, then drinking water through the day.
To Our Laurels:
Find your focus. Your muse does not like being distracted by a growling stomach, dirty dishes, or uncomfortably tight clothes. You can foil these distractions by getting your breakfast at the Cooks Collegium Pancake Fundraiser.
Our sugarfree syrups and delicate fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding bulk to  distort the fit of your fine apparel.
You can sleep in, secure in knowing that you won't have to touch a stove or wash dishes, so feel free to wander over in your period correct pajamas (g-rated please!), enjoy a leisurely breakfast and compose a sonnet to the joy of pancakes.
To Our Kingdom Pelicans:
let's face it - you already have a lot on your plate today. Our pancakes will fill you up, our coffee will fuel you up, without adding to your workload. No dishes to delegate, no packing of heavy breakfast items. We get up early so you don't have to!

And to Our Kingdom's Royal Peers:
Let's just face it...You like being waited on.  and you like supporting Our Kingdom.
But don't dirty your hands with the toils of cooking breakfast.
join us, or send one of your 'court members' to fetch your breakfast from us! 

To the populace of the West: 
Greetings unto the West Kingdom!
Tired of packing orange juice and finding out it's broken the eggs in your cooler? Wish you could take your Mini to Crown, but your kitchen equipment takes up the back half of a Suburban? The Cook's Collegium FundRaiser Pancake Breakfast has the answer - no need to do dishes, figure out how that propane stove really works, or sneak offsite to Starbucks. Our pancakes, sausage, coffee and juice will keep you going all day.

Come to the Black & Gold Sunshade and have a good breakfast for a donation towards better cooks in The Kingdom.

fixed forwarding errors and, it's Saturday Morning - starting around 8, we'll cook till we run out of food! June
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