Mar. 22nd, 2009


Mar. 22nd, 2009 08:45 pm
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The QA gig is over. I think there was a lot of good - All of the booths looked good..  I tried a bite or two from most of the booths - they were all good.  I learned a lot in my comparative spice testing, and developed a new respect for the medieval chef.  Blending the spices together in a recipe makes a huge difference in the final product, but tasting them individually allows you to see why and how they work together. I think the favorite spice for people was the long pepper. It was interesting - it's the closest to regular pepper, I think, but the finish is longer than regular black pepper, which is a lot more volatile and up front. People's  second favorite? cubebs. People liked the fruit overtones.  And a lot of people were happy to taste the grains of paradise.
I liked how we were able to tie the spices in with the gingerbread, and the horrible cinnamon things.  The sugars were more of a stretch to explain, but almost everyone liked the Manus Christi.
My banner was awesome!

the bad? The hall is just too far away. If the merchants were all over there, or the something else was over there, we might have gotten more traffic. But fighters and consorts just don't have enough time to get over there, and everything else is so distracting, it's easy to forget about. I don't know how many people came through, but I'd hoped for more.  Cement floors are hell on your feet, especially when you're standing most of the time, and wearing your perioid shoes.

I hardly saw any of the event. I watched one of my champions fights (yes, I was a consort!). Didn't make it to any of the parties. The traffic going there and coming back was horrible terrible.  Even using the carpool lanes, it was just heinous, and took twice as long as it should have to get there and back. I'm glad we stayed in a motel - it wasn't that rainy, but the cold and wind would have been an issue for me Saturday night, I think. I had my gloves on before we even got in the car Sunday morning.

and the other good - my son's friend got his AOA this weekend. Due in part, to a letter I wrote about him! Letters to the Crown work!


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